Oral history research papers

Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism research historian, and kathleen schilling prepared them transformation of the social meaning of history 1 today oral history is an accepted part of much heritage work oral history certainly plays an important part in many department of. In 2007-2010 the osce academy completed two oral history studies the first project was on oral history of independent tajikistan, focusing on the civil war 1992-1997 the interviews were conducted in 2007-2008 the second project on oral history of independent kyrgyzstan reflected the experiences of the. Alice m hoffman is assistant to the deputy secretary for labor and industry for the state of pennsylvania a former professor of labor studies at pennsylvania state university, she is a longtime advocate for the use of oral history research among working-class americans and in labor history research in general the areas. Researchers who use the oral history collections or other library holdings are strongly encouraged to donate their resulting books, articles, research papers, dissertations, or theses to the kennedy library the library also welcomes the donation of tapes or transcripts of interviews conducted with close associates of. This article reviews basic skills for conducting and using oral histories, summarizes ethical issues, presents examples relevant to social work, and suggests useful resources for social workers, oral and policies oral history can be a useful tool for social work research, education, and practice at any ecological level.

Perhaps a local historian has done oral histories and can share some of their work with the students in any case, help them to see that they can get access to the real voices of real people talking about almost any topic that they might be studying encourage students to use oral histories as sources in research papers. See also the online exhibit featuring selections from the voices of feminism oral history project and the papers of joan e biren (jeb), loretta ross, and carmen vázquez access information the oral histories are open to research according to the regulations of the sophia smith collection, with the following exceptions. People say that talking to your plants can make them grow, and the same is true for family trees while it's not always necessary to record oral histories to get the basic vital statistics about your ancestors, you may find that interviewing your family members provides some of the most interesting information about your family. Oral histories, he concludes, can augment the biographies of scientists and help spotlight how their social origins influenced their research doel acknowledges the common concerns historians have regarding the validity of oral history accounts he identifies studies that used oral histories successfully to provide critical and.

Sean o'connell (pictured left), from queen's university, belfast, will lead the next oral history seminar at the institute of historical research on thursday february 15 the paper, the troubles with a lower case 't': memory, deindustrialisation and urban redevelopment in belfast, is part of a much wider project that seeks to. Our bibliography includes sections on oral history theory and methodology, ethical considerations and legal issues, citations to key journals and videotapes, and a compendium of exemplary books and articles based at least in part on oral history research principles and best practices the oral history association provides.

Books with voices: paper transcripts as a tangible interface to oral histories scott r klemmer1 [email protected] jamey graham2 [email protected] gregory j wolff2 [email protected] james a landay1 [email protected] edu 1 group for user interface research computer science division university of. Around the middle of the century, it was re-introduced to historical studies, the most notable event being the establishment of the first north american oral history project by allan nevins in 1948 [the columbia university oral history research office] nevins, followed by his protégé louis starr, institutionalised the field of oral.

Oral history research papers

Social research elaine batty sheffield hallam university summary this article draws on the author's experience of undertaking an oral history of her mother, as part of a masters degree the paper endorses oral histories as a valid methodology and challenges some of the criticisms raised, specifically regarding memory. Thus, historians generally consider oral history as beginning with the work of allan nevins at columbia university in the 1940s nevins was the first to initiate a systematic and disciplined effort to record on tape, preserve, and make available for future research recollections deemed of historical significance while working on.

  • Oral history is a method of conducting historical research through recorded interviews between a narrator with personal experience of historically significant events and a well-informed interviewer, with the goal of adding to the historical record because it is a primary source, an oral history is not intended to present a final,.
  • There can be some explanation of the papers and notes brought to the interview, and of the name-listing the general control over interview suggested questions for oral history interviews these questions can be asked for each major piece of research, including the thesis, and for each institution joined: according to.

The ccoh archives' companion center, columbia center for oral history research is housed at incite, where it administers an ambitious research agenda with the ohma is also excellent preparation for doctoral work in fields like anthropology, history, journalism, and american studies or professional degrees like law,. Steps in shaping your work 7 writing full-length biography 73 whom to interview what questions to ask whose point of view explaining the background what sequence to use whose book is it 8 writing from multiple narratives 82 some examples a sample project 9 how to do oral history in the classroom 88. Pdf version 1 introduction oral history in its various guises is central methodology in the historian's toolkit, and a good way to approach the study of the past if you are considering using interviews for your research, we strongly recommend the advice and support offered by the oral history society through its website here.

oral history research papers Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in oral history, and find oral history experts. oral history research papers Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in oral history, and find oral history experts. oral history research papers Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in oral history, and find oral history experts. oral history research papers Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in oral history, and find oral history experts.
Oral history research papers
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